Amir Shakir Art

About the Artist

Amir Shakir produces art with influences from a wide range of styles but it is common to find surrealism in his work.  Amir works with an artist team called The Color Dreamers that focuses on creating large scale art projects around the world. His murals can be seen in places like Minnesota, Washington, and Florida with international projects in Nelson, Canada. A multidisciplinary artist that studied music and visual arts at Texas Southern University, Amir works with a broad spectrum of mediums including sculpture, oil painting, acrylic painting, digital painting, music production and metal fabrication. Amir was recently honored with a Certificate of Recognition for “valuable contributions to the community” from the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners in Miami-Dade.

Wynwood Miami Artist

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana Amir Shakir was introduced to art at an early age by his father who was a well known local artist. With parents who were open minded and intellectual, Amir was both guided and allowed to explore creatively from an early age. He is a multidisciplinary artist that studied Music and Visual Arts at Texas Southern University. Before becoming a full time artist. Amir held ASE certification in the field of automotive design and took part in designing high school courses to help young people enter the automotive industry. His artist concepts draws inspiration from electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial design and nature.

In 2010 he started a band called Naicisum and produced two music videos for the group that included dioramas, character design and stop motion animation. In November 2014 he released an album titled “Stranded on Earth” with the band Naicisum and he is working on various solo projects coming soon. 

Amir’s music and artwork was featured in a commercial with the Mount Gay Rum brand called Mount Gay Rum | United in Craft. The commercial was filmed in Wynwood, Miami Florida where Amir has lived and worked as an artist for 14 years. “Wynwood has been a great inspiration for me” and though the area has dramatically evolved over a 15 year period it has been an amazing place to experience, be part of and learn from.