Digital Painting

Digital Painting

Amir produces digital paintings using Photoshop as his primary tool for creation. The paintings are done using the same techniques that apply to traditional painting. They are not traced or copied but painted as if using a physical brush. The result is a digital painting with the qualities of a physical painting.

A Miami Artist

I developed my taste for digital painting over 10 years in Miami, FL working as a Graphic Designer in many industries. Being a good designer requires attention to details like symmetry, color, repetition and balance of a design. These are the same details one must attend to when digital painting so my instincts were well prepared. Also, as a muralist, painter and sculpture I am familiar with messy work and enjoy the freedom of zero mess digital painting. It has allowed me to develop more tailored ideas that go beyond digital painting and can be transferred to any medium. My digital paintings showcased here are about culture, environment and experience.

The Red and Black series – February 2016

is about experiencing intensity and contrast through the color red. These digital paintings explore the idea of seeing through rose colored eyes.